Q. What do I need to do to access ICAN e-library?
A. After subscription to the services, subscribers would be issued USER ID and PASSWORD
Q. Are there user guides available for ICAN e-library?
A. Yes
Q. Do I need to renew my subscription to ICAN e-library?
A. Yes, you need to renew your subscription to the e-library annually.
Q. What databases are on ICAN Electronic Library?
A. The databases are Ebsco and Ebrary

• Academic journals
• Business books and magazines
• Regional Business News
• NetLibrary Shared Collections (books accessed via Netlibrary)

Q. Where can I find title lists for the e-library databases?
A. The title list can be found on the links below:
Q. What is the duration for ICAN e-library subscription?
A. The duration is twelve calendar month
Q. Who can I contact for more information?
A. For additional information contact the librarian on 07098104569


Q: What are the opening hours of the library?
A: Library opening hours 8am -4:30pm Mon through Fri.
Q: What are the telephone numbers for contacting the Library?
A:The Library Office can be contacted on (017740627 ext. 116) and the Annex Library Service Desk on (017642297-8 ext 123). Contact the librarian on 0709-810-4569
Q: How do I join the Library?
A: Members, Students and Staff of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria are registered automatically. The ICAN ID or Library card also acts as a Library permit.

Q: How do I get student library card?
A: You can get the student library permit by completing a form at the library

Q: What should I do if I've lost my Library card?
A: If you're ICAN student, please report to the Librarian to complete the reissuance at the Institute's Library without a fee.

Q: How do I find materials in the Library?
A: Use the Library printed catalogues. It is accessible at the two libraries, and contain materials likely to be on students' reading lists. A search will tell you which print or electronic journals are held by the Library. The library also has Special Collection held on special shelves for older library resources.

Q: Is there more than one catalogue?
A: No, there is PAGE-CAT, the printed catalogue for older materials, which are shelved within the Membership Library at Victoria Island.

Q: What should I do if I can't find a book?
A: See, the library staff to direct you on where to find the required book. The staff will tell you if the item has been borrowed. If it's not on loan and not where it should be on the shelves, it might be in the re-shelving section.


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