The Faculty, having realized in 2009 that fraud, corruption and money laundering were becoming the world’s greatest challenges and major hindrances to national developments, introduced Forensic Accounting Training. The programme was designed to help Accountants develop an investigative eye towards both internal and external fraud and provide crucial information on how to cope with it when discovered. To date, the Faculty has trained about 400 chartered accountants in this area who have been contributing tremendously to Government’s anti fraud and money laundering crusade.
Also, a platform, called “Forum of Firm” was created by the Faculty to cater to the needs of members in practice and in particular, partners of practicing firms. The forum provides a veritable opportunity to interact with the Institute’s leadership, network and share experiences that will positively impact their practices as well as the quality of financial reporting in Nigeria.
To ensure that the diverse needs of members are properly taken care of, the Faculty is the process of establishing  a ‘Help Desk’ which is intended to provide members information and support on technical issues necessary to improve the quality of work. It will provide a point of contact for members to gain assistance, get answers to challenging issues and solving known problems

1.    Introduction to Forensic Accounting
2.    Economic and Financial Crimes
3.    Fraud Risk Management
4.    Law of  Evidence
5.    Forensic Examination
6.    Report writing and Court Testimony

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