The rapidly changing business environment coupled with disruptive technology places increasing demand on the professional competence of chartered accountants. The impact of the changes has created significant gaps that need to be filled. To ensure that the quality of professional service rendered is of high quality, a chartered accountant is required to fulfill the requirements of and participate in the Institute’s Mandatory Continuing Professional Education. MCPE are those learning activities that develop and maintain capabilities to enable chartered accountants perform their professional responsibilities with confidence. All chartered accountants have an ethical obligation of due care to their clients, employers and relevant stakeholders and need to demonstrate their ability to discharge this responsibility in a competent manner. Participation in MCPE learning activities is therefore necessary in maintaining high standard and public confidence in the profession.


Lagos Insurance Oct. 31 - Nov 01
Kano Islamic Finance Oct. 31 - Nov 01
Lagos EMCPE-Corporate Reporting & Sustainable Development Goals Oct 31 - Nov1
Ibadan Entrepreneurship November 21 - 22
Akure Entrepreneurship November 28 - 29
Lagos Happiness & Positivity November 28 - 29
Lagos CPE-Emerging Global Trends in Regulations & Compliance November 28 - 28
Abuja Consultancy December 5 - 6
Lagos EMCPE-Regulatory Dynamics & Ease of Doing Business in Nigeria December 5 - 6
Port Harcourt Entrepreneurship December 05 - 06
Lagos Accountancy, Audit & Insolvency December 12 - 13